Bobi Wine to pay billions for withdrawing petition – Kashillingi

Hussein Kashillingi, the lead lawyer in defense of President Yoweri Museveni’s legal team that is handling the election petition has said that National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine will be billed in billions of shillings for withdrawing election petition.

Appearing on NBS morning breeze, Kashiling said Hon Kyagulanyi has a big amount to pay as they (NRM) are preparing the bill.

“We are warming up for the costs, and they are in billions. We will be putting in our bill,” Kashillingi said.

This comes after, Kyagulanyi instructed his lawyers to withdraw a petition seeking to overturn President Museveni’s victory saying that “Owiny-Dollo’s court does not look like an institution that will give Ugandans justice.”

NUP president said that the Supreme Court judges are biased with a pre-determined mind and therefore they will not continue with such a ‘mockery’ of the judiciary.

Museveni’s lawyer Kashillingi slammed Kyagulanyi’s concerns, saying that such ‘drama’ should stop.

“President Museveni won the election on January 14th. This drama has to end, even series come to an end. Hon. Kyagulanyi’s drama has to come to an end, the country has to move on.” Kashiling stated.

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