Bobi Wine’s new car is not armoured – Frank Gashumba

Sisimuka Uganda CEO Frank Gashumba revealed that he believes Bobi Wine’s new car is actually not bullet proof as it has been reported.

This comes after Bobi Wine real names Hon Kyagulanyi Robert the National Unity Platform president unveiled his new car that he said is bulletproof.

However, during an interview with NBS Uncut, Frank Gashumba revealed how hard it is to bring in a security car because of security reasons. A few government people the president inclusive are the ones allowed to have such types of cars. And on bringing it, security personnels have to know about it.

“A few people government people are the ones allowed to have such kind of cars. Who is Bobi Wine to be allowed to have a security car. On importing it police has to know about it and I think they don’t know. That shows you it’s not an armored car” Frank Gashumba stated.

The out spoken Gashumba said an armored car is too expensive for Bobi Wine’s supporters to afford in terms of buying it and taxes imposed on it when being imported.

“An armored car is too expensive, it costs about 900 millions and when you add taxes it exceeds a billion. And in Bobi Wine’s supporters who affords that?” Gashumba noted.

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