There was never going to be justice – Kabuleta on Kyagulanyi’s Petition withdraw

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta, who had promised to support National Unity Platform’s Kyagulanyi Sentamu as he challenged President Museveni’s victory in the 2021 presidential election, has weighed in on Kyagulanyi’s petition withdrawal.

Joseph Kabuleta has revealed that a part of him is actually sad that Bobi Wine has withdrawn his petition as he (Kabuleta) and other opposition players had promised to support him through the entire process.

According to Kabuleta , the entire electoral process was evidently fraudulent and marred with uncountable irregularities and the entire opposition bracket bares witness.

Much as Kabuleta asserts that the election process was evidently very fraudulent, he believes that such an election can never be challenged.

Kabuleta believes the judges that are meant to serve justice have, through their words, deeds and blatant double standards, clearly showed that there was never going to be justice.

Written by Staff

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