Whoever is in partnership with whites will not overthrow Museveni – Tamale Mirundi

Political analyst Tamale Mirundi has said whoever is in partnership with ‘bazungu’ will not succeed in overthrowing the ruling NRM government.

Appearing on a talk show on STV, Tamale was so clear that When president Museveni was taking on power he didn’t use any external help and that’s why he succeeded.

“President Museveni never had external forces while coming to power whoever is in partnership with the “Bazungu” won’t succeed against him” Mirundi stated.

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi the former presidential candidate and Chairperson of National Unity Platform is said to have some connections with the whites in terms of over throwing the government and Tamale Mirundi says that will not help him.

Tamale went on to warm Bobi Wine who thinks whites will over throw Museveni to forget about it or either use other means to do take on power .

This comes after Bobi Wine engaged with the European Union after elections and has also had social media influencer especially on Twitter who are whites which Tamale Mirundi says it’s a weakness of Bobi Wine

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