Bring back the dreadlocks version of you – Stella Nyanzi to Bobi Wine

Makerere University researcher and former Kampala Woman MP contestant has asked National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine to grow back his dreadlocks.

The vocal activist took to her Facebook to pen down a poem in which she requested the musician-cum-politician to grow his dreadlocks back as she expressed how much she missed that version of him.

According to Stella, the neat marine-cut version of Bobi Wine lacks fire, stinks conformity and orderliness something that clearly doesn’t sit so well with the former Kamala Woman MP contestant.

She added that Bobi Wine’s dreadlocks stood for chaotic resistance and each look he gave back then shook the foundations of modicum and his liberator power was unruly.

According to Stella who is currently in exile in Kenya, Bobi Wine’s dreadlocks were an inspiration to those that sought to defy the status quo as well as portrayed a totally unpredictable and movingly unconventional leader.

Read her full full poem here;

Bring back the dreadlocks version of you!
The neat marine-cut version lacks fire…
It stinks of conformity and orderliness.
Your dreadlocks stood for chaotic resistance.
Each lock shook the foundations of modicum.
Your liberatory power then was unruly as fuck!
Your modus operandum was ungovernable.
Your style was totally unpredictable for most.
Your politics was movingly unconventional.
Dreadlocks waving freely and without control.
Dreadlocks in the tradition of the Mau Mau.
I could relate with you and your dreadlocks.
Whoever cut off your dreadlocks took the fire.
Whoever cut off your dreadlocks and put you in a suit, took the charcoals from your sigiri.
They drained the fuel from your bullet-proof car.
For long you have reminded me of the bible Samson after Delilah cut off his hair.
Bring back the dreadlocks version of you.

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