Ugandan drivers to have internationally recognized driving licenses

The Ministry of Works and Transport has revealed that there will be modifications to the driving permits which include new security features aimed at guarding them against fraud and forgeries.

Government last year unveiled the Uganda Security Printing Company (USPC) as the new company that will start issuing driving permits in Uganda to replace South African firm, Face Technologies whose contract expired.

The Uganda Security Printing Company will start work on March, 1.

Addressing journalists at the Uganda Media Centre on Wednesday, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, the Minister for Works noted that the contract they signed with the new company for the design, production and issuance of driving permits, all the software including the source codes and licence belong to the government of Uganda.

“It is important to note that we are moving from the current Uganda Computerized Driving System to the Uganda Driving Licences System which is more sophisticated and allows for issuance of the new driving licences that are more internationally recognized,”Katumba said.

He noted that the new driving permit designs will take into consideration International Organization for Standardization requirements and the Tripartite Transport and Transit Facilitation Program(TTFP) which is aimed that having a harmonized card for three regional locks including the East African Community, SADC and COMESA.

“Drivers with the new driving permits will be able to drive through any of the member countries with less restriction,” he added.

The new driving permits according to the minister will have an Issuer’s Identification Number to easily identify the issuing authority of the document, a feature that is complied to by only Uganda in the entire East and South African region.

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