Kabako not bothered by Sheikh Umar’s alleged death prayer

Singer Roden Y Kabako real names Yusuf Ssenabulya said he is not bothered by Sheikh Umar’s death prayer that he said during one of the introduction meetings last week.

Kabako who is set to legalize his marriage in April with his longtime girlfriend organised the preparing meetings and invited his friends and fellow artists. Sheikh Umar was one of the people that attended.

However Kabako being a Muslim, Sheikh Umar prayed for him in front of cameras. It’s said that Sheikh Umar said a death prayer for Kabako yet it’s a marriage function.

During an interview with spark TV, Kabako was asked what he thinks about sheikh Umar. Kabako replied that he is not bothered, his introduction meetings are not for correcting people who say wrong prayers. What he needs is money because those that say right prayers have not given him anything.

“I am not bothered by Sheikh Umar’s wrong prayers. He gave me a cheque of 2millions and that’s what I need most in my introduction meetings. Those that say right prayers haven’t given me anything.” Kabako stated.

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