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Stella Nyanzi figuratively calls Bobi Wine a witch

Dr. Stella Nyanzi called Bobi Wine a witch on her Facebook through a poem.

The former Kampala central woman member of Parliament contestant looks not to be happy with her fellow opposition leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi.

This started when Hon Kyagulanyi Robert of National Unity Platform posted a new armored car on his social media handles saying it’s a gift from his supporters.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi wrote a poem about it calling Bobi Wine a selfish person. She has continued to write poems about him disclosing Bobi Wine’s selfish characters.

Here is the poem she posted on her Facebook page with Kyagulanyi’s photo holding a cock.

They call me a bitter big-breasted witch.
They say I ran mad because I speak truthfully.
But who is madder than the one who takes lives?
How many lives have been murdered on his watch?
How many are wounded on his account?
How many are in jail for proximity to him?
How many orphans lost parents for him?
How many widows lost husbands for him?
How many men lost genitals for him?
How many businesses closed for his sake?
Who is the witch who receives cockerels from poor strangers?
Didn’t you see him waving cockerels in the air?
If we don’t organise the struggle better, we shall lose so much more!
“Organise the struggle better,” so says I, the mad big-breasted bitch!
I am a bitch, not a witch…”

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