Besigye is not as Lucky as Bobi Wine and Museveni – Tamale Mirundi.

Presidential advisor on Media issues Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said Bobi Wine is luck politically as incumbent Yoweri Museveni, claiming that both men are far lucky as compared to their counterpart Kizza Besigye.

Tamale Mirundi said this on a political show with STV.

Tamale Mirundi blamed opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye for killing the Forum for Democratic Change because he is politically unlucky.

“Besigye killed his own party, that is why I keep telling people that politics is about luck,” Mirundi claimed.
According to Mirundi, newcomer Bobi Wine and Museveni share something in common which Besigye does not have- luck.

“Bobi Wine is lucky, just like Museveni, this is one of the many things they have in common, they are all underestimated,” Mirundi said.

“Dr. Obote (Milton) said let Museveni go to the bush, we shall find him there and leave him there, what happened? Five years later Obote escaped via a car trunk.

Okello Lutwa said that Museveni is like a fangerous snake and we have removed his fangs, when the snake finally raised his head, Lutwa sprinted. That is Bobi Wine now,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi said that Bobi Wine has continued to rise despite the many traps.

“Bobi Wine has come, the likes of Kusasira continue to eat money to stop him but he just keeps surging. Something that will lead to a collapse of a home does not reveal itself,” Mirundi said.

He likened Bobi Wine to a very prolific striker who has found his way to the penalty box.

“When such a striker comes to the penalty box, you should handle them with so much care,” Mirundi claimed

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