NUP is being disrespectful to the Judiciary. – Edgar Tabaro

Law Don Edagr Tabaro has labelled National Unity Platform (NUP) comments about the judiciary as disrespectful to the entire arm of government that is charged with serving justice.

During a Talk Show with Nxt Radio, Edgar Tabaro insisted that it was within the rights and choices of National Unity Platform president Kyagulanyi Sentamu to withdraw his petition against the Uganda Electoral Commission and the National Resistance Movement.

He, however, added that it was not necessary for Kyagulanyi and his colleguaes from the National Unity Platform party to add disparaging remarks tot he court and referring to the Chief Justice plainly as My Owiny-Dollo and not his title.

“It is within the rights of Kyagulanyi to withdraw his petition except for the disparaging remarks to the court and referring to the Chief Justice as Mr. Owiny Dollo and not his title.”

-Edgar Tabaro, Law Don

According to edgar Tabaro, the Kyagulanyi Petition was hurriedly done and probably more had to be done with it that required more time.

The possibility of NUP’s legal team having sought guidance from a senior lawyer that participated in previous petitions and could have discouraged them and thus denied the case new precedence.

“My gut feeling is that the Kyagulanyi Petition was hurriedly done. I hear they sought the guidance of a senior lawyer who participated in previous petitions and he told them they don’t stand a chance. Its withdrawal denies new precedence. “

-Edgar Tabaro, Law Don

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