Pallaso returns to SA a year after being attacked

Last year, artiste Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso scared not only his fans but family members when he went on his Facebook live and spoke about his situation in South Africa. In a very dark clip, Pallaso was calling for help in what he said was the xenophobic attack on his life.

He claimed that his life was in danger from South Africans who were beating up Foreigner.He had travelled to Tafoteni to shoot his music videos and do a couple of performances.

When he returned to Uganda, he narrated the whole story to which he also came up with a song titled ‘Africa show me love’ alongside South Africa’s Dr. Malinga.

Appearing on Spark TV live wire, Pallaso said he is not as free as he was in South Africa. He is said he is now so mindful of his life and doesn’t to some places like he used to do.

However, he was excited to back in South Africa as he is going to person.
“It’s been 1 year since I was in South Africa. My last trip changed me forever on the inside and the outside. I love this country. I love the many great people I met, and the connections I made. I missed you all. I can’t wait to touch down my home away from home,” Pallaso posted.

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