Stop wasting time abusing people- Bujingo blasts social media users.

Pastor Aloysius Bujingo of the House of Prayer Ministries International hits back to social media users especially those on Facebook to get what to do in the time they waste abusing people.

Recently, pastor Bujingo was attacked by social media users after he spoke about Bobi Wine’s new bullet proof car saying it’s from government.

Appearing on Salt TV that he heads, pastor Bujingo trashed all people that abused him saying they are ignorant that’s why they are missed. He added on that the person they are fighting for is living a good life with his children, taking them abroad for protection yet other people are dying for him.

“Stop being ignorant, the person your fighting for takes his children abroad for protection and you’re here making noise. They will kill you, kill your parents and you stay helpless.” Bujingo stated.

Salt TV CEO, advised people that waste time on social media abusing people who are making money, to use that time and write business ideas and also use the money they waste on data to start up something that will change their life for good.

“Posting abusive words on social media needs data, use that money to start up a business and also use that time you waste on Facebook to write ideas that will help you be someone better in future.”

Pastor Bujingo being an outspoken person he has been attacked on social media several times.

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