Facebook restricts Dr Stella Nyanzi’s Account

Political activist and Makerere University researcher, Dr Stella Nyanzi’s Facebook page has been flagged and restricted following her recent attack on National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

On Sunday, the former Makerere University researcher woke up with her Facebook account restricted.

Speaking about the restrictions, Nyanzi compared Kyagulanyi to President Museveni, saying that restrictions on freedom of speech breed dictatorship.

When Hon Robert Kyagulanyi of National Unity Platform commonly known as Bobi Wine posted his new brand bullet proof car, Dr. Stella Nyanzi immediately started publish poems that hit Bobi Wine’s nerves.

In her poems, Nyanzi talked about how Kyagulanyi, who she says should be their liberator, acquired an armoured car to protect himself and not the people he wants to liberate.

Nyanzi went ahead and talked about Kyagulanyi’s Magere home, mocked the UVOTE app, among other things, which attracted mixed reactions from her followers and Kyagulanyi’s supporters.

Nyanzi said that she will now release all the restricted poems in a book she has entitled” NKT! THE BULLETPROOF CAR.”

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