List of missing people will be released by the Internal Affairs Minister – Free Enanga.

The spokesperson person of police Fred Enanga said the list of missing people will be released by the Internal Affairs Minister to Parliament any time from now.

A few weeks ago, in his address to the nation, President Museveni said no person was missing but had rather been arrested by security organs and directed the army to produce a list of those arrested and make their names known to the public and relatives.

Despite an order for security to release the list to members of the public, for over three weeks, nothing has been released.

Through the press adress on Monday, the Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga was tasked to explain the delay in releasing the list to members of the public but he noted that following a directive by the Speaker of Parliament, the Internal Affairs Minister would soon make the list public.

“That instruction (from Speaker Kadaga) still stands and towards the end of last week, the minister met the various service chiefs and this list was forwarded to him. He will present it before parliament,”Enanga responded to a question from journalists.

“I can’t usurp the powers of the Internal Affairs Minister because he has the list and he will present it before parliament.”

During his address to the country, the president admitted the missing persons had been arrested by operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and the UPDF commando unit for participating in the November 18 and 19 protests as well as for threatening violence during the January,14 polls.

Consequently, he directed that the list be made public and a few weeks ago, the UPDF said the list had been handed over to the police leadership.

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