Security Agencies tasked to implement the President’s directive on detained individuals

Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Judith Nabakooba yesterday tasked the line ministries and security agencies to implement the directive to release all names of all individuals detained before it’s too late.

In February 2021 President Museveni addressed the nation about the continuing arrests (‘kidnaps’) and he asked the security Agencies to release the list of the arrested people.

Despite President Museveni’s order to security agencies to release the list of names of persons being held in various detention centres, it is clear that many have not complied with the order.

As the minister of ICT Judith Nabakooba was addressing the press, she cautioned security agencies against defying the executive order.

“The directive was very clear to security agencies meaning that they are solely responsible for what the president directed them to do, he is the fountain of honour. If they still have some challenges, they can still come out and explain,” said Nabakoba.

Many of those detained are said to have participated in the November 18 and 19 protests violent protests which left 54 people dead.

More than 100 people are said to have been abducted from that time to the election period in January by security personnel driving Toyota vans commonly known as drones. Many of them have not been seen since.

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