Office of the President named most compliant institution by the Office of the IGG

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The Inspector General of Government (IGG) has named the most and least compliant leaders when it comes to declaring their incomes, assets and liabilities as per the Leadership Code Act.

In this list, the IGG has revealed that the Office of the President and the Vice President are the most compliant institutions as far as declaring wealth as required by the Leadership Code Act of Uganda is concerned.

In her statement, Ms Mariam Wangadya, the deputy Inspector General of Government said that except for the NRM, members and leaders of other political parties are not declaring their incomes, assets and liabilities.

“Except NRM, the members and leaders of the other political parties are not declaring. These are very informed and learned people who are not complying with the law. When the tribunal comes into force, we shall prosecute them. We are just alerting them,”

Ms Mariam Wangadya, Deputy IGG

Mr George Bamugereire, the acting Inspector General of Government, while revealing the most compliant offices, institutions and districts, said that leaders should take stock and declare all of their assets, incomes, liabilities and how they acquired them for the protection of the public funds.

“This is the time for leaders to take stock and tell the story of their journey by being transparent about their assets, incomes and liabilities and how they acquired it for the protection of public funds,”

Mr George Bamugemereire, Acting Inspector General of Government

Below are the lists, ranked in descending order from the best offices, institutions and districts as laid out by the IGG as per the Leadership Code Act of Uganda; in which the office of the President and Vice President were ranked most complaint offices, while Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) was ranked least complaint institution.

Most compliant Institutions% Rate
1. Office of President and Vice President                      100
2. Permanent Secretaries                                                  100
3. Public Service Commission                                           100
4. Parliament of Uganda                                                    94.4
5. Petroleum Authority of Uganda                                                 93.3
6. Electricity Regulatory Authority                                  93.3
7. Ministers                                                                             93.2
8. Ministry of Finance and Planning                              93.04
9. Uganda Nat Council of Sci & Tech                              91.7
10. Auditor General’s office                                                 91.O3
Least compliant institutions% rate
1. Uganda Tourism Board                                                                                                                      7.14
2. Atomic energy Council                                                  10
3. National Library of Uganda                                         31.25
4. Uganda Broadcasting Corporation                           33.33
5. Uganda Cooperative Transport Union                   33.33
6. Uganda Land Commission                                           35.5
7. Kilembe Mines                                                                 36.4
8. Joint Clinic Research Center                                       36.6
9. Gulu University                                                               38.4
Compliant districts% rate
1. Bunyangabu                                                                     96.03
2. Bulambuli                                                                            92.62
3. Nakasongola                                                                      91.58
4. Mbale88.98
5. Kibaale                                                                                88.89
6. Rukiga                                                                                   86.21
7. Masindi                                                                                                85.59
8. Moroto                                                                                84.51
9. Kween                                                                                  84.16
10. Mbarara                                                                               83.21
Least compliant% rate
1. Ngora                                                                                     39.58
2. Nwoya                                                                                   40.34
3. Zombo                                                                                  41.77
4. Amolatar                                                                             45.88
5. Lamwo                                                                                  46.84
6. Serere                                                                                  47.37
7. Amuria                                                                                  50.60
8. Bukwo                                                                                   51.35
9. Kaabong                                                                               52
10. Gomba                                                                                53.2

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