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UMA is not a charity organization- Cindy to musicians

Cindy Sanyu (Courtest Photo)

Musician Cindy real names Cinderella Sanyu has blasted musicians who think the Uganda Musicians’ Association ( UMA) is a rescue platform.

In an interview with NBS TV, Cindy explained that UMA is neither relief nor a charity organization. It’s just an umbrella that brings together musicians to have a collective voice and preserve the music in Uganda.

She added that many of the musicians are sad because UMA ain’t offering them free goodies. They shouldn’t expect food from her as the President.

“Artistes are so hungry that if you don’t show up with bread, they don’t listen to you.UMA is not a relief or charity organization. I don’t want them to expect that I will give them food,” she explained.

This comes after the former presidents of Uganda Musician Association have been resigning before their term elapses. Hating and not supporting these president by musicians is one of the reasons to why they have been resgning because artist think they don’t do enough by not giving them food or money.

Cindy was so clear saying this won’t work in UMA as she is the vice president and also aspiring next UMA president.

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