Bebe Cool declines to comment on Bobi Wine’s new car.

Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has refrained from commenting on Bobi Wine’s new ‘armored’ car stating that the car is not an important subject for discussion to him and the entire country.

During his interview with Radio 4, Bebe Cool was resolute not to comment on Bobi Wine’s controversial bulletproof car. He said he doesn’t comment on things that don’t matter to him.

“Ask me another question, I can no longer comment on things which don’t matter to me,” he said

However, when Bobi Wine had just posted his new car Bebe Cool was asked about it and he said he had the same car as Bobi Wine, so there’s nothing special to discuss.

“I have the same car but I have never seen anyone comment about it. There is nothing special to discuss about Bobi Wine’s new car because some of us have the same car.” Bebe Cool stated.

He urged the public to focus on developmental issues than discussing Bobi Wine’s car since it’s not instrumental in the development of the country

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