The COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory – Dr Diana Atwine

Dr Diana Atwine (Courtesy Photo)

The Permanent Secretary of the Uganda Ministry of Health, Dr Diana Atwine has revealed that much as the much anticipated COVID-19 vaccination is a desirable move to curb the spread of the disease, it will not be madatory.

This means that every individual is eligible to receive the vaccine as long as they consent to the process, which they will be taken through prior to the vaccination.

“The vaccine is not mandatory. We are going to have a well-written consent form. When someone comes to the health facility, they will be taken through the consent process.”

Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health

She added that people ought to take the responsibility of going to the health centers and learning about the vaccine and then ascertaining whether or not to go through with the process.

“We want people to take personal responsibility. When you get the vaccine, you will have to stay at the health facility for about 30 minutes for monitoring.”

Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health

While speaking to NBS Television’s Morning Breeze, Dr Diana Atwine confirmed that the country will be receiving the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine this Friday.

Upon arrival, the vaccine will be sent to the National Medical Stores, entered into he system and everybody who will be vaccinated will be entered into the same system with the information from the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA).

“The vaccine is going to arrive at NMS, entered into our system. Everyone who is vaccinated will be entered into the system. We have worked with NIRA to get the information.”

Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health

Dr Atwine also echoed what the Minister for Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng said yesterday, that the health workers will be vaccinated first followed by teachers and other frontline workers.

“We have set out the vaccination criteria; the first group is the public and private health workers. We have talked to the District Health Officers to register all the private workers. We shall also vaccinate the teachers, other frontline workers like security personnel, URA officers, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions etc.”

Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health

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