ULS warns Kyagulanyi’s lawyers against mocking the Judiciary

The Uganda Law Society has warned National Unity Platform president Kyagulanyi Sentamu’s lawyers and the general public against mocking the Judiciary in his case filed challenging President Museveni’s victory.

The ULS president Phiona Wall Nabasa, in a statement released to the media yesterday, said that the public and members of Kyagulanyi’s legal team have made gestures and statements meant to mock the Judiciary which is not right.

“The said advocates and members of the public have in addition to the criticism and ridicule of the court, continued to appear and discuss the matter directly under the adjudication before the court on various public fora, contrary to the subjudice rule,”

Phiona Wall Nabasa, President of the Uganda Law Society

According to the constitution of Uganda, Article 128(1) and (2) courts of law have independence and are not to be subject to any control by any form of authority. This was highlighted by the ULS body as they argued that the independence of the Judiciary has been attacked and undermined.

This comes after Kyagulanyi’s application to withdraw the 2021 poll petition on grounds of unfairness and lack of independence of the Judicial system.

“It should be noted that Article 128(4) and 148 of the Constitution provide immunity to a judicial officer in the performance of their duty under judicial oath and empowers the Judicial Service Commission to carry out disciplinary action against judicial officers respectively,”

Phiona Wall Nabasa, President of the Uganda Law Society

Phiona also urged the public to desist from undermining the courts of law which are at the center of administration of justice in the country and encouraged them to use them if and when they have any grievances.

“We also urge the public to desist from undermining courts of law as they are a centre of adjudication and should they have any grievances against the court or any individual judicial officer, they should utilize lawful channels to address their grievances,”

Phiona Wall Nabasa, President of the Uganda Law Society

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