Supreme Court to hear Kyagulanyi’s Petition withdrawal application today

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dolo (Courtesy Photo)

A pannel of nine judges will today hear Kyagulanyi’s withdraw petition at the Supreme Court in Kampala.

Hon Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, after January 14th, polls petitioned the Supreme Court challenging the outcome of the polls saying there were many scenes that were not fair like vote rigging.

However, in the process Kyagulanyi instructed his lawyers to withdraw the 2021 poll petition accusing the court for not working in his favor by refusing him to present his affidavits.

Kyagulanyi reasoned that it was wrong to be denied more time to file additional evidence in form of affidavits but also to amend his petition.

The runner-up in the January 14 polls argues that procedural rules governing presidential election petitions have been applied to disadvantage him in such a way that he was denied time to amend his petition and being stopped from filing additional evidence.

“The petitioner lost time during the illegal house detention but this honourable court is more inclined towards the strict timelines which has disadvantaged the petitioner to the advantage of the respondents,” he says.

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