Arrests will continue – Gen Jeje Odongo

The Internal Affairs Minister said arrests will continue so long as there is a reason for it and it is conducted in a fair way.

While speaking to Parliament, Gen Jeje Odongo presented the list of missing persons that were arrested by security saying they were all arrested for a reason and will be charged.

He added on that if Ugandans continue to misbehave they will continue to be arrested. Minister Gen Jeje Odongo said this statement replying Hon Ssekikubo who had said arrests should stop.

“Arrests will continue. Am replying Hon Ssekikubo who said arrests should stop because we can’t find a thief tomorrow and we fail to arrest him just because you said arrests should stop. We will keep arresting as long there is a reason for it and it’s done in a right way” Gen Jeje Odongo said.

However, Ugandans are picked up by armed men in numberless drones Gen Jeje Odongo said they are not picked up without any case to answer.

“All arrested people have a case to answer. They committed crime.” Internal Affairs Minister noted.

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