Kasuku warns Lynda Ddane not to date Older men.

Radio and TV presenter Katende Isaac commonly known as Kasuku warned his fellow TV presenter Lynda Ddane to stay away from older men on terms of relationships.

Kasuku who was in KFM studios in Lynda Ddanes program, advised the beautiful Lynda not to fall a victim like Diana Nabatanzi.

“My friend Lynda Ddane don’t not fall a victim like Diana Nabatanzi who dated an older man and was humiliated. I beg you don’t date Older men.” Kasuku said to Lynda.

Kasuku said TV and radio presenters are targeted by many people because of their names and no matter how much Lynda becomes block she shouldn’t date Older men because they are disrespectful.

“I have worked on radio and television for a long time I know how much people fall of us especially females. So many men always ask me for Lynda’s number including old men. I beg you don’t fall for such men Lynda” Kasuku stated.

Kasuku said he felt disappointed when old Lwasa disrespected Diana Nabatanzi.

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