Lwasa was just stupid – Bad Black

Bad Black (Courtesy Photo)

City socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black trashed City Tycoon Lwasa for failing to get Diana Nabatanzi pregnant and disrespecting her after their break up.

Bad Black who is known for fighting for women’s rights especially those that use their bodies to earn a living ‘ nekolela jange’ said it was Lwasa’s stupidity to give Nabatanzi a car, house and business before having a child. She said Lwasa did bad to disrespect Nabatanzi in public.

“It was Lwasa’s stupidity, how could he give Nabatanzi a car , house, Business and many other things before having a baby with her!!! , the same applies to the Zungu man whose money I stole, and let Lwasa not think that Diana was hurt , Diana has many other rich men out there, she has one for makeup, another for business rent, and money” Bad Black stated.

The whole of this week Lwasa Emmanuel commonly known as Omugaga Lwasa has been topping up the entertainment news after he introduced another wife and dumping Diana Nabatanzi a BBS present.

This has brought mixed reactions from different people like Bad Black, Kasuku that are defending Diana Nabatanzi saying Lwasa did a bad thing to disrespect Nabatanzi in public saying he bought her a car and house.

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