Fik Fameica to hold peaceful protest over missing persons

Kidnappings, arrests and missing persons have been the big talk of the nation, dominating news and top stories daily for almost a year now prior to, during and after the 2021 General Elections.

May have criticized while others have protested in whatever way they saw fit, with different security bosses releasing contradicting statements about the topic.

Artists, celebrities and the general public has taken to social media and other platforms to demand for the release and/or accountability of the missing/arrested persons from those responsible.

Walukagga Shafik better known for his stage name Fik Fameica is one among those that have taken to their social media to demand the release and accountability of the many persons that are still missing and unaccounted for.

The “Buligita” hitmaker has taken to his Twitter platform to inquire from Uganda Police the procedures that one has to go through if they would want to hold a peaceful protest over the couse.

Whether or not Uganda Police will respond to him over the matter and using the same avenue is anybody’s guess

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