Let’s stay away from people’s uteruses – Lucky to fellow tv and radio show hosts

Lucky Mbabazi (Courtresy Photo)

Capital FM radio presenter Lucky Mbabazi has warned hosts that ask women why they don’t give birth to stay away from people’s uteruses.

Lucky Mbabazi said she watched a show online and felt bad when they asked a woman why she doesn’t give birth saying you can’t know what someone is going through so that question should stop.

“So yesterday was watching a show on line where a female host asked her guest why she doesn’t want to give birth. I found this quite disturbing because you can never know what a person is going through. Very often we ask such questions to women without knowing what could be going on in their lives.

Luck Mambazi said maybe those people could have tried hard but things couldn’t work out or had miscarriages

Maybe they have been trying for a while and things are just not working out or they could have had multiple miscarriages and they are taking a break. The stress that goes on in a woman’s life who is struggling to get pregnant can be unbearable so let’s try and stay out of people’s uteruses.”

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