Canan Land church toilets are better than your houses – Pastor Bujingo to NUP supporters

Pastor Bugingo attacks Bobi Wine and National Unity Platform supporters who roasted him for owning a multi billion house with a poorly built church. has said his church toilets are better than the houses of people who abused him.

“Those are village dogs , none of those abusing me has a house which is better than Canan Land Toilets, our Church’s toilets are better than all their houses in case they have any”

NUP supporters attacked pastor Aloysius Bujingo last week and abused him on social media after he had commented on Bobi Wine’s armored car that is from government.

Since then, Pastor Bujingo has not kept quiet. He keeps on attacking back to NUP supporters. He has went on and told NUP supporters to look for what to do and stop being idle because idleness will mislead them.

Pastor Bujingo also called on the NUP supporters to go to his church and see the church toilets how they are well built better than their houses.

“Instead of NUP supporters working they are just yapping at me , I wish they come and visit the church and see the Toilets, They just idle because people who have what to do can’t talk about me , they are busy and that’s why for them have better houses.” Said Bugingo.

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