Dr. Maggie Kigozi appreciates young girls that take her as their role model

Dr. Maggie Kigozi said she feels so happy when she meets young girls who ask to take selfies with her and tell her she is their role model.

Appearing on NTV Mwasuze Mutya on International Women’s Day, Dr. Maggie Kigozi said it’s very pleasing that admiring, ambitious and successful women like her are appreciated and celebrated by young girls.

“When I see young girls appreciating and admiring ambitious and successful women such as myself. They ask to take selfies and tell me I am their role model, it’s so pleasing” Dr Kigozi said

However, Maggie Kigozi said the young girls are lucky because they have people they look up to and sometimes meet them but for her case she never had such opportunities and that was so hard for her to make it up to where she is.

“When I meet young girls I encourage them and I tell them the with make it because they have many opportunities I did not have .” Dr. Maggie Kigozi

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