President Museveni not happy as the Police tops corruption rankings

President Museveni said he was happy as police took the cup of corruption after it scored 70%.

As he met the senior police officers on Sunday led by Deputy Inspector General of police, Maj Gen Paul Lokech, Museveni revealed how he will not entertain corruption in the law and order enforcement body.

“In the recent rankings, the cup of corruption was taken by police. You scored 70% in corruption and that means you got a distinction. Corruption in the Police Force should stop, “Museveni said.

The president noted that he has for many years been trying to ensure the police gets highly educated officers, noting that this war is still on

“The police people who were there(then) thought I was spoiling police. They said I was bringing people who are ambitious and wanted quick things.”

While addressing the brutality issue president Museveni insisted that there are procedures to be followed while carrying out arrests and quelling riots that he said must be followed.

“Do not harass, beat, push or bark at wanainchi for whatever reason. For retrogressive groups and hostile crowds, the security organs are guided by the legitimate means of the security forces on how to handle them. Do not let anybody threaten the lives and property of Ugandans, “Museveni said.

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