You are the light of the world – Desire Luzinda to fellow women

Deaire Luzinda (Courtresy Photo)

Singer Desire Luzinda has written a lovely message to all women as he world celebrates the International Women’s Day, remind them that they are light of the world.

“WOMAN, just a reminder that you are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Nothing and No one should ever dull your sparkle. Always rise above your fears and noise for it only lasts, but for a moment. Joy cometh in the morning… No matter what life throws at you, QUITTING should never be an option. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY”

Desire Luzinda said in a Facebook post

She has encouraged them to rise beyond their fears and noise that lasts only for a moment and pay attention to the joy that always comes in the morning, and not to ever let anybody or anything dull their sparkle.

She also encouraged them never to consider giving up or quitting irrespective of what the world throws at them.

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