MC Kats Confirms Dating Caroline Marcha.

MC Kats (Courtesy Photo)

Calls her his woman. NBS presenter MC Kats real names Katamba Edwin confirms dating his fellow Spark TV presenter Caroline Marcah commonly known as Mama E.

MC Kats went to his social media handles and celebrated Caroline Marcah. Being an international women’s day, MC Kats confirmed that Caroline Marcah is his woman

“A man is Happy As long as His woman Is Happy women’s day” MC Kats posted.

This comes weeks after news broke out that MC Kats is pushing in with Caroline Marcah although it was not yet confirmed

In 2020, MC Kats’ baby mama singer Fille real names Fille Mutoni came out on TV and broke down while talking about how MC Kats treated her in their relationship and confirmed not to get back in a relationship with Kat’s.

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