Bobi Wine calls on his supporters to demonstrate peacefully

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine, the leader of National Unity Platform said it’s now time for his supporters to demonstrate peacefully and claim their Victory.

While addressing the nation on March 10th 2021, Bobi Wine said Ugandans have a right to demonstrate peacefully and unarmed in Article 29 of the Constitution and that’s why he is calling upon his supporters to demonstrate and claim their Victory.

“We are calling upon all of you citizens of good will to claim our Victory as we demonstrate peacefully and unarmed, a right guaranteed by Article 29 of the Constitution. “ Bobi Wine noted.

This comes after Bobi Wine withdrew his Election Petition from the supreme Court and promised his supporters that the matter will be brought to the public court .

According to Bobi Wine, the National Unity Platform won the presidential Elections with 54.19% and that’s one of the reasons they need to demonstrate peacefully and claim their Victory because they won.

“We are demonstrating because we won the January 14th election. Our computation from the DR forms shows that we won with 54.19%, despite the massive ballot stuffing which Gen. Museveni engaged in. This morning we have given details of our election results, and thereafter we’ll release the DR forms on our website. We demand that Gen. Museveni returns the victory of the people of Uganda.” Bobi Wine said.

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