Evelyn Lagu’s ex husband allegedly denies their son to give Evelyn his kidney

Evelyne Lagu’s kidney transplant hungs in balance after his ex husband also father to her son coming out in an audio circulating on social media begging the singer not to accept their Son’s kidney donation.

In the audio, Evelyne’s ex husband Andrew has asked the singer to look for other donors otherwise their son’s life might not be the same after the transplant, alleging that this will come with health complications to their son yet he still has many year to live life.

In the same audio, Evelyne explained that she had carried out enough research about the entire procedure and doctors assured her that her son will still live a normal life after the transplant.

Evelyne’s son Freddie is said to be turning 18 years next month.

The son however says he’s going to do anything possible to save his mom because she’s been there for him from day 1 as a single mother.

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