Financial challenges forced me out of school – Brisher Kash

Brisher Kash (Courtesy Photo)

Rapper and dancer Brisher Kash has revealed that she did not drop out of school because she wanted to but was rather forced out of school due to financial challenges at home.

While sharing her life story via NBS Television’s NBS After 5, Kash revealed that she only went all the way to S.3 before dropping out to do casual hawking work around town before venturing into music.

She joined the banana hawking business around Mukwano Arcade and surrounding areas but the business didn’t last long as KCCA staff confiscated her merchandise and capital.

“I didn’t drop out of school because I wanted to do so, but the financial situation forced me out. I later joined the banana hawking business which didn’t last as they used up my capital, and KCCA confiscated my stuff.”

Brisher Kash

She later on went on to roast liver and gizzards by the roadside before she left the country for greener pastures.

Raised by a single mother, Kash said that her mother could not afford to raise money for basic needs as well as fund their school fees and her father was an absentee parent.

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