NUP’s Mbaziira wins Kyambogo’s Guild race

John Mbaziira (Courtesy Photo)

Mbaziira John who was contesting in Kyambogo University as the Guild president on the National Unity Platform won the election despite not having a picture on the ballot paper.

Yesterday, Kyambogo University voted for their leaders and National Unity Platform happened to win most of the seats.

The president of National Unity Platform Hon Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine has come out on his social media handles and congratulated a the NUP candidates of Kyambogo University.

“I want to congratulate our candidate, comrade Mbaziira John Snr and all students of Kyambogo University upon this victory. Mbaziira is the new Guild President. “ Bobi Wine stated.

Bobi Wine said NUP candidates in Kyambogo had no photos on the ballot papers because the photos they presented had berets that were not allowed by the administration, despite that Kyambogo University students massively voted for NUP.

“Comrade Mbaziira and all other NUP candidates in Kyambogo submitted pictures with berets to be used on ballot papers. The University administration without citing any law rejected the pictures and asked them to submit new pictures.

These comrades refused. Like the Biblical Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, these comrades refused to submit to the illegal dictates of the University. They decided that they would rather lose the coveted seats than do something against them.

In a clearly malicious move, the ballot papers were printed without their pictures but only their names. Yesterday, the students of Kyambogo did the needful and massively voted for Mbaziira even without his picture. “ Bobi Wine posted

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