Ssemujju considering speakership was the strangest thing ever – Ofwono Opondo

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has revealed that he is surprised long-term friend, fellow journalist, Member of Parliament for Kira Municipality and Forum for Democratic Change spokesperson Hon Ssemujju Nganda will be contesting for speakership in the 11th parliament.

While speaking on the matter during NBS’s Frontline, Ofwono Opondo, who first laughed before commenting, said that Ssemujju considering to stand for the position is the strangest thing ever.

According to Opondo, there is no single opposition Member of Parliament that can bring about convergence other than Ssemujju. He added that he could accommodate the Kira Municipality MP as Leader of Opposition, Chairperson of Cosase or even chief whip but not as speaker.

“I don’t see an opposition MP later on Ssemujju who can bring convergence. I can accommodate Ssemujju as LOP, Chairman of Cosase, and Chief Whip but not Speaker. Him considering it was the strangest thing but I wish him luck.”

Ofwono Opondo, Government Spokesperson

Asked about who the National Resistance Movement (NRM) would be backing for the position of speaker, Opondo revealed that he would personally back somebody new since Hon Kadaga is likely using the NRM for convenience.

“Hon. Kadaga likes to use NRM for convenience. He says for that reason, he would be willing to go with a new NRM person who wants to be Speaker of Parliament”

Ofwono Opondo, Government Spokesperson

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