I won’t cry for government anymore – Karole Kasita

Karole Kasita (Courtesy Photo)

Singer Karole Kasita said she is not going to cry to the government for help anymore because she has cried enough.

Artists having been home for a whole year without working, ‘balance hit maker said government has done nothing for the artists and she will not cry for it’s help anymore.

“I won’t cry for government anymore, they have done nothing for the artists after blocking us from working for a full year.” Karol Kasita said on NBS Uncut.

Since government eased the lock down in Uganda, artists have been demanding the government to at least put measures for them and let them start working but government hasn’t done anything for them.

According to Karol Kasita, this has let artists get tired of crying now and then for the government and resumed to doing other businesses that bring money on the table.

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