Over 200 arrested for participating in protests

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Over 200 Ugandans were arrested because they adhered to Hon Robert Kyagulanyi’s call for peaceful protests and actually participated in them in different parts of the country.

On 10th March, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine the president of National Unity Platform called on his supporters to protest peacefully as they claim for their Victory.

According to Bobi Wine over 200 of his supporters that went on streets to protest were picked up by police arrested and demanded in different prisons.

“Because Hen Museveni is very scared of the people, he has since criminalized any form of protest against his dictatorial. This very week, over 200 comrades were picked up by police for simply exercising their right to peacefully protest. I thank all of you who continue to support the welfare of our comrades who are in different prisons. This is part of the price we all have to pay before we get our freedom.” Bobi Wine posted on his Facebook page.

Despite some of his supporters who protested being arrested, Bobi Wine said they will continue protesting in different ways until they achieve their Victory because he said NUP scored 54.1% of votes hence declaring himself a winner.

“Like we said, our protests will not take only one format. Some will organise prayers, others will march, others will just do sit-ins, others will do songs of freedom, etc, etc. We shall protest in different ways as long as our protests are lawful and peaceful. We may begin small but through consistent action, God being our help, we shall achieve our freedom.” Bobi Wine noted

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