Bobi Wine’s group cheated massively in the January elections – President Museveni

President Museveni has accused the National Unity Platform among other opposition parties in Uganda of cheating massively in the just concluded 2021 general elections.

In a countrywide broadcast, while addressing the nation, President Museveni said that “the Bobi Wine Group” cheated massively in the elections especially in the central and eastern parts of the country where the NRM had weak organization.

“This group of Wine cheated massively in elections. They rigged & did ballot stuffing; helped by the weak organization of (ruling) NRM party & corrupt people.”

President Museveni

The president scoffed at Kyagulanyi’s decision to take to the Supreme Court to contest the election results and defended his decision not to comment on the matter highlighting that he couldn’t comment on a matter that was in court.

He added that since the case is now out of court, he can comment on it. He pointed out that he received reports of intimidation by Bobi Wine’s group mainly in Buganda and Busoga regions which are well documented.

“I have reports here of intimidation by Kyagulanyi’s group mainly in Buganda and Busoga. All this is documented and what was interesting was the police not intervening.”

President Museveni

The president added that the Police was adamant to intervene in these such cases and let everything slide even when the cases were reported to them. This, he said, informed the decision to bring in the army and other security agencies to “crush” the criminality.

“All those policemen who did not do their duty will be held accountable. That is why we had to eventually bring in the army to crush this criminality that has been going on.”

President Museveni

Nevertheless, the NRM won and the president likens the party to an elephant whos ear may be injured but the animal still stands tall. He added that the opposition only intimidates but has no power to humble the ruling NRM party.

“Despite the massive cheating, NRM won, because it is a massive party. It is just like an elephant. All those who were intimidating just injured the ear of the elephant but it is still standing.”

President Museveni

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