All Divisional and District Police Commanders to go for a three month refresher Course.

Maj Gen Paul Lokech (Vourtesy Photo)

The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj General Paul Lokech has directed that all District and Divisional Police Commanders all over the country go for a three-month refresher course.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police , Maj General Paul Lokech unveiled the news today on BBS television.

It is said that during a meeting with his commanders, Gen Lokech informed the DPCs that everyone would be going for a three-month refresher course at the Counter-Terrorism Police Training School, Olilim in Katakwi district.

The training school in Olilim is meant to train counter-terrorism officers but according to sources, during the three months, the District and Divisional Police Commanders will get a basic Counter Terrorism training aimed at ideologically reorienting them but also making them strong.

“The DIGP(Gen Lokech) told the meeting that the move is aimed at improving it the level of performance and professionalism,”

President Museveni recently met top police commanders and warned he would not condone corruption in the force.

“In the recent rankings, the cup of corruption was taken by police. You scored 70% in corruption and that means you got a distinction. Corruption in the Police Force should stop,” Museveni said.

In response, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj Gen Paul Lokech noted that the police management, takes seriously the president’s advice and that they would implement the same.

“It is true all that you have mentioned we have been following it very closely. Some of these mistakes are being corrected,”Lokech noted.

Speaking after parliament cleared his three-year term extension, the Inspector General of Police, John Martins Okoth Ochola said working together with his deputy, he will make the necessary changes to ensure the police force is transformed by adopting new technologies and shift away from traditional methods of policing and ideological orientation among others.

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