I no longer have money to buy weed for my people – Khalifa Aganaga cries to Mama Fina.

Singer Khalifa Aganaga real names Mukibi Sadhat has cried to Mama Fina asking for money to buy weed for the boys he stays with him.

Appearing on the cameras of Uncut, Khalifa Aganaga went to mama Fina’s place with a gang of boys requesting mama Phina to talk to president so that he can open up the music industry and they make money to buy weed.

Since Uganda shut down during Covid19, the art industry is one of the few industries that has not been opened yet.

Unfortunately Aganaga didn’tfind Mama Fina at her home but has promised to go back until he finds her and tells her his problems.

Despite the sponsorship given to Aganaga by president Museveni, he has said he will not be able to go and study because he can’t leave his fellow youths behind with nothing to eat.

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