Six live births recorded by UNEB during the ongoing UCE exams.

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Uganda National Examination Board-UNEB said it has recorded six live births by candidate mothers during the ongoing UCE exams.

After one year of all school students staying home, candidates and semi-candidate students were able to return to school.

In a statement issued today, UNEB spokesperson Jennifer Kalule Musamba said six girls have given birth and five of them were able to continue while one was unable.

“Five of these mothers have been able to continue with the examinations but warned that this leeway may not continue after COVID-19 since UNEB does not condone teenage pregnancy.” Jennifer Kalule noted.

UCE exams that were supposed to be done last year in November, were rescheduled in March 2021 due to Covid19.

However, some students especially girls returned to school pregnant were given a chance to do their final exams.

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