Chosen Becky in a bitter fight with her client.

Chosen Becky (Courtesy Photo)

Singer Kukkiriza Rebecca aka Chosen Becky is in a bitter fight with her client after receiving her money to perform and she fails to show up.

Chosen Becky was hired by a certain lady to perform at her introduction ceremony, they agreed that Becky was to be paid 2Mshs , she was paid 1M and they agreed she was to receive the remaining balance on the introduction day but she failed to show up.

Yesterday her client appeared in the cameras on uncut looking for Chosen Becky to pay her back her money because Becky hasn’t been picking up her calls.

Chosen Becky having spoilt her client’s ceremony now the lady says she has given her one week if she fails to refund, then she shall file a case against her in courts.

The lady who claims Chosen Becky didn’t appear on her introduction ceremony showed all the evedince of the money she sent Chosen Becky and the messages of the business deal.

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