Daxx Kartel and I are in deep love – Momo 19

Daxx Kartel and Momo 19 (Courtesy Photo)

Rumors have been circulating on social media claiming BBS presenter Momo19 real names Maurine Naluwoza fell out with her longtime boyfriend singer Sebunya Sulaiman commonly known as Daxx Kartel.

Appearing on an interview, the BBS Telefayina presenter Momo19 Opened up and said she is in good terms with her boyfriend they are deep in love.

“I really don’t have much and how to respond to whatever is going viral on social media… However, I and my husband are so much in love… We really don’t any problems therefore since everyone has a right to talk, that’s their opinion. Hmm, I want to assure everyone that Daxx Kartel really loves me so much” Momo19 said.

Momo 19 said the only reason why she is quiet is because she is focusing on her job because it was hit hard by Covid19.

“I am focusing on my job because seriously COVID-19 hit hard on all businesses… Finally, I have not yet conceived because there is a lot that goes around the corner within us.”

When Momo 19 was asked about giving birth she said it a hard question for women to answer but when the right time comes she will give birth.

“In fact, it’s one of the hardest questions to us women because surely, it’s not that easy… However, when the right time comes, I will,” Momo19 cleared the air.

The two recently got married in abeautiful Islamic ceremony.

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