Segirinya Mohammed names her daughter after Justice Kisakye.

Member of Parliament elect Segirinya Mohammed has names his daughter after Justice Kisakye after today’s court ruling on Kyagulanyi’s Petition.

“MY DAUGHTER IS NOW CALLED NAGGIRINYA SHIFRA KISAKYE.??????????” Segirinya posted on his Facebook.

This came after the drama that happened in the supreme Court when Justice Kisakye of the Supreme Court says her Judgement was in Favor of H.E President Bobi Kyagulanyi but Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo ordered Uganda Police Force to confiscate her File.

Segirinya Mohammed who was pleased by Justice Esther Kisakye’s statement saying her ruling was in favour of Kyagulanyi.

According to Segirinya’s statement he said Justice Esther Kisakye has vowed not to leave court, she is still fighting for her file. And if your to recall well she is still the Justice who had accepted our President to add more evidence.

Segirinya said Kisakye has never agreed with the rulings of Owiny Dollo.

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