Fred Sebbata cries to Salim Saleh over accumulated debts.

Kadongo-kamu singer Free Sebata has cried out to General Salim Saleh for financial help over accumulated debts.

Fred Sebatta who was in an interview on NTV mwasuze mutya said he wants General Salim Saleh to buy all his songs and take a the rights so that he can get money to pay for his debts.

“I want General Salim Saleh to buy all my songs and take all the rights such that I can get money to pay off all my debts and get treatment as well” Fred Sebatta said.

Fred Sebatta said thieves led to his downfall when they stole all his equipment in 2003 in w track that had parked at a certain petrol station.

“My downfall started in 2003 when someone stole all our equipments from a truck that we had parked at a petro station.”

He added on that since the loss of his music equipment he started getting loans and later got sick and failed to pay the loans back. The debts accumulated and he has no way to pay them back.

“Since the loss of my equipment, I started getting loans and unfortunately got sick in the process and my debts accumulated that now am unable to pay” Fred Sebatta said.

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