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You don’t need 40 years to do good for your country – Alice Alaso

Alice Alaso (Courtesy Photo)

The National Coordinator for the Alliance for National Transformation Party and former Woman Member of Parliament for Serere District Hon Alice Alaso has praised fallen Tanzanian President, Jonh Pombe Magufuli (RIP) for his great contribution to the development of the East African nation.

While speaking during NBS Talevision’s NBS Frontline, Hon Alaso commended the late for having contributed so much in such a little time that he spent at the helm of the affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Hon Alaso mentioned that whatever Magufuli did, he did in the few years (five years) that he had been president of Tanzania; and added that one doesn’t need forty (40) years to do good for their nation.

“Whatever Magufuli did, he did it in five years. You don’t need 40 years to do a good job for your country.”

Hon Alic Alaso, Ag National Coordinator ANT

Hon Alaso also added that despite the loss of a great leader, the calm and stability of Tanzania as a nation even through this trying moment depicts the nature of their great leadership and unity.

According to Hon Alaso, all hell would break loose in a certain State in Africa if the leader of that particular nation “slept”

“I can imagine another State in Africa, if the leader slept, it would be chaos.”

Hon Alic Alaso, Ag National Coordinator ANT

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