Kawempe North MP Ssegirinya clears the air about his academic documents.

The MP-elect for Kawempe North has cleared the air about the doubts raised about his academic documents and assured his electorate that nobody will throw him out of parliament over fake academic documents.

“I have my academic papers but I won’t table them because it might be a trap by Kidandala’s group, my fans from Kawempe North and the all Ugandans within and outside Uganda just be strong The seat is mine” Segirinya said
In a video update on Twitter, Ssegirinya claimed that he is fully equipped with his academic documents but will not reveal them until a certain stage when the case is “ripe”.

Ssegirinya said claimed those accusing him of lacking the proper academic documents are only trapping him to reveal his real documents but he will not fall for it.

“I am very clever, I have my papers and would have put them out already, but I know those accusing me have no evidence so I am waiting for them to show their evidence, then I will also reveal mine,” he said.

“They want me to put out my papers then they use them against me. I am very alert, and will not fall for their game. They have done so many things but have failed because I am not easily cowed,” he added.

However, in a letter dated March 17, 2021, Peter Anywar, writing on behalf of the executive secretary UNEB Dan Odongo, noted: “We have checked in our records and our findings are as follows; Candidate U005/054(2017) is Nampiima Sarah who sat at Mengo secondary school, not Ssegirinya Richard sitting at Pimbas secondary school,” he noted.”

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