MC KATS threatens to sue Spark TV’s Flavia Mawagi.

MC Kats (Courtesy Photo)

NBS TV’s Katamba Edwin commonly known as MC Kats intends to sue Singer Flavia Mawagi over stigmatization.

Last week spark tv presenter Mawangi Flavia during the Livewire recap show blamed MC Kat’s new girlfriend Caroline Marca for falling in love with MC Kats yet she knows well that he is living with HIV/AIDS.

Flavia went on and advised her to dump him for the sake of her life something Kats considered as stigma.

MC Kats has today tweeted that he is going to sue Flavia Mawagi for disrespecting him in front of his children and family saying he still has a life to live.

“I still have a life and kids. I for once want the law to work. So am suing whoever is concerned” Kats tweeted.

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