U-20 Boys that missed UCE to re-sit them 2022 – Minister Muyingo

Hon. Dr. J.C Muyingo (Courtesy Photo)

State Minister for Higher Education, John Chryzestom Muyingo said the the seven students who missed their UCE final exams will be able to re-sit them next year 2022

This came after Bebe Cool real names Moses Ssali showed his disappointment in ministry of education and sports when the students that went to represent Uganda in U-20 tournament including his son missed their UCE final exams and were not thought about.

This caught the attention of John Chryzestom Muyingo the minister of Higher Education who promised the boys that they will have their exams next year if all goes well.

Muyingo stated the reason why they can’t have special exams for them saying it’s against UNEB policipolicies.

“Giving the students exams now is against UNEB policies adding that it will be another form of malpractice hence advising them to be patient as they wait to sit for the papers next year,” Muyingo stated.

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